Yard Sale Day!

This is what a fair-to-middling yard sale day looks like for me.  I went to 2 community yard sales and spent $48. A decent stack of books (the easiest thing to list), some great clothing including a few pieces new with tags, a brand new pair of Sanuks that I’m keeping along with the Swiffer refills, a new in the box pair of Anne Klein loafers and some Jamberry nail decals, one of which have already sold for $5.99. (I paid $2 for all of them). If you are wondering how to know a good sale from a not so good one, here are a few things I look for:

  1. People who need space, not money.  These people dragged it out of their house and they’re not bringing it back in.  You have a better shot at bundling a stack of stuff for one price at these sales. If I ask about an item and they start giving me a back story on it, I move on, because they need money and are going to charge for sentimental value.
  2. One price for all items of one type.  If I ask how much the clothes are, the answer should be a single price that applies to every item of clothing, not “well it depends on which ones you want”.  A box of books should have a sign on it with one price, not a different price sticker on each individual book. If I have to pick up every piece of clothing and show it to them to get a price, I’m leaving.
  3. Items that look like they came out of a closet, not a shed.  If items have caked on dust, rust, film or have a musty smell, they haven’t likely been touched in years. There are too many sales to waste time figuring out how to clean something without damaging it and losing money….unless, of course, there are genuine vintage or antique items in that mess, then I stifle the urge to cheer out loud and make a deal!

Ok, kids…time for me to make some money! 🙂


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The Heck Do I Do All Day?, Part 2

As anyone with a home-based business knows, it can be difficult to explain to people how it’s a real business with day-to-day operations that take up most of your time, much the same way any other job does.  I hate the part of the conversation where people ask what I do, because the answer, “I have an eBay store“, invariably brings a look to people’s faces that says, “Yeah? What else?”

So, here is a quick run-down of what a typical week looks like for an eBay seller…

Saturday – This is yard sale day.  I have my list, my cash in small bills and my comfy clothes on with at least one pocket.  I leave at o’dark thirty and spend about 4 hours rummaging through nonsense to find the shiny things.  I am home with my treasures by noon and spend some time sorting and cleaning up items for listing.  Saturday night is date night!

Sunday – After an 8am cardio session with my husband at the gym, we attend the 11am service at our church.  Sometimes we go to lunch or see a movie after.  Usually by 2pm, I am closed up in the eBay room.  I list auction items so they end on Sunday, so I spend about 3 hours listing new items and relisting unsold ones.

Monday – This is shopping day.  After my weekday morning routine, which includes a workout, breakfast, bible study and chores ( I use this daily chore chart), I pack all sold items from the weekend to drop off at the PO before I head to the thrift store.  My favorite one marks down clothing items to 99 cents that day and I usually spend about $30 and an hour or two.  Then it’s off to do the grocery shopping, and back home to unpack groceries and prep food for the week.  The afternoon is spent sorting and prepping that day’s thrift store finds for listing, then packing any sold items to ship.

Tuesday – Morning routine, then a few hours listing 5-day auction items to end on Sunday, as well as any ‘Buy it Now’ listings.  Pack any sold items and take them to the PO. Tuesday evening is our bible study group and we are usually signed up to bring food, so I get that, then myself, ready to go.

Wednesday – Morning routine, then work 10am – 6pm at the olive oil shop.  My sweet husband makes dinner that day.

Thursday – I can relax a little. Morning routine (Thursday’s chore is bathrooms so that takes a while), then pack any sold items and list any remaining ‘Buy it Now’ items.  I am experimenting with Kohl’s clearance rack/Kohl’s Cash redemptions, and if that turns out to be worthwhile, I may make Thursday Kohl’s shopping day.  Can’t have too many shopping days 🙂

Friday – Me day.  I try to use this day for appointments; dentist, hair, nails, etc.  I still do my morning routine, then maybe lay out or read a book or watch Netflix, whatever.  I make my yard sale list for the next day and ship any sold items.

So that’s what the heck I do all day. And I love it!

The Heck Do I Do All Day?, Part 1

Being an extremely part-time employed empty-nester takes some getting used to.  I still get that feeling at the end of a day that fun time is over and I need to pack my lunch and get my clothes ready for work the next day.  Followed by an enormous feeling of relief because…oh, yeah…I don’t do that anymore.  Except on Wednesdays.  On Wednesdays, I work in this adorable olive oil tasting shop.

Are you dying from the cuteness? I literally just ask people to try samples all day, and when they get that glazed-over “this is the best thing ever” look, say, “Can I ring that up for you?”  If there is a more stress-free way to make a living, I haven’t found it.  I have tasted my way through the shop a few times.  We sell plain and infused oils and flavored balsamic vinegars, and my favorites so far are Spicy Mushroom & Garlic Oil and Blackberry Ginger Vinegar. Not together, obviously.

This was all new to me when I started here.  I’m the one that uses the gallon jug of olive oil from Costco on everything.  Asian food?  Olive oil.  Mexican food?  Olive oil.  So this has been a fun way to learn how to actually use the right oil on the right foods.  And that balsamic vinegar on ice cream is… AMAZING!