Yard Sale Day, What Not To Do and Top Picks of the Week

You know it’s going to be a good yard sale day when there’s a Ryan Gosling ‘Hey, girl” sign…

Here’s what I got for $20 on Saturday…

…which is a pretty good haul.  I’m excited about the Borns, the Adrienne Vittadini shoes and the Renpure Conditioner.  Already sold the RCA MP3 Player and the Motherhood nursing bra for a total of $32, so this trip is already paid for!

I did make two rookie mistakes, though.  See the necklace/bracelet set?  Looks like Pandora?  NOT Pandora.  So that was mistake one.  I paid $3 and I’ll get something out of it, but not what I would get for Pandora.  ALWAYS know your product before buying!  Although…sometimes I’ve bought things not knowing and they turned out to be real money makers, so I guess the real rule is…be willing to take a risk.

Mistake #2…I was at a sale that had a Cole Steel portable typewriter with a case for $5.  No one else was there shopping so in my head I thought, hey, I’ll look around for a minute, then get that on the way out.  I literally turned around for 1 minute and looked back and it was gone.  I was like, “Did you just sell the typewriter?”  It was so fast, I thought maybe the owner had just moved it. Nope, someone walked up, bought it, and left.  NEVER leave something on the table if you want it, not even for a minute, not even if no one else it there!  Oh, well….$60 lesson learned.

I had to cut the shopping a little short to make it to a new yoga class I wanted to try at 10:30….Yoga & Beer at Oak Road Brewery.  Yoga. And beer. This is real, people.  I can’t make this up.


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