New Improved Home Office Space!

If the posts seem to be slacking over the past couple of weeks, it’s because I’ve been working on expanding and improving my home office space.  I wanted something that says “organized and functional”, not “hoarder”.  Here’s the before:

Notice in the before photo, I filled the hanging clothes rack, then slowly started taking over the floor space, creeping up the steps and right up to the door.  So every time you walked in the room, there was more stuff to walk around. No, this was not motivation enough for me. I had to wait until the clothes rack COMPLETELY COLLAPSED under the weight of too many clothes before I decided to do something.  And the after:

Yeah, it’s not a Pottery Barn cover photo or anything, but it is an improvement. Most everything is off the floor now and visible without digging around through a pile. This is the opposite side of the bonus room so it’s no longer the first thing you see when you walk in; there’s a sitting area there now, so we look like civilized adults and not pack rats.

Those racks were purchased on They are working out fine now that I’ve got them situated, but I honestly would not recommend purchasing these online.  They don’t ship well, the boxes arrived damaged and the outside of the boxes stated that shipping damage was not the company’s responsibility, but they would assist you in filing a claim with the shipping company. LOL. One corner was bent so my sweet husband just bent it back out and it works fine. I just feel like if you have had so many items get damaged in shipping that you have to put that on your boxes, then the problem is probably your boxes.

So now that I can breathe in this room again, I’ll be able to spend more time here posting fun finds and thrift store tips.  Stay tuned!


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