Yard Sale Day, Daniel Island Red Balloon Sale

It’s almost fall, ya’ll!  Fall weather means cooler temperatures which means more yard sales!  I jumped right back in after a dry spell in August with the semi-annual Daniel Island Red Balloon Day sale, a community yard sale which takes place every March and September.  There were not as many sales as I’d hoped, probably due to Tropical Storm Irma, but I still did pretty well.

I snagged a nice refillable lighter and cigar cutter for $1, Wilton Big Bird cake pan for 75 cents, two little collectible plates for 25 cents each, about 30 books for next to nothing, and how stinkin’ cute are those pink Title boxing shorts for 50 cents? But I think the deal of the day goes to the two Stearns child size life vests, mint condition, both for $5.  These are selling for between $10 and $20 each online.

I’m pretty excited about that necklace display, too (shown holding a Banana Republic necklace).  I’ve been meaning to get one and there it was at the first stop I made…for TEN CENTS. Yay!

Total spent was $30, and can probably triple that amount in sales, plus keep a few things for myself.

More posts next week…stay savvy!

2 thoughts on “Yard Sale Day, Daniel Island Red Balloon Sale”

  1. I had to leave a comment here because for some reason it was the only option. But, I ordered a mystery box from you! Normally I don’t do reviews but I was so pleasantly surprised by the items. The business card is adorable. I have to say, I saw the size of the box and thought I got cheated. But, the shipping time was amazing and so were the items! I loved everything. The hat and lens cleaners are very practical (I always need to keep my ears warm and glasses clean!) I’m excited about the skin care set, can’t wait to try it out. The fold up box is so cute I can’t wait to repurpose it. I love the pens. (Especially since the ink is the same as the pen exterior!!!) The ribbon got me excited because I saw that it becomes self adhering when lightly damped. And the skull bracelet put me at a loss for words. I am so pleasantly surprised by everything, they’re all practical yet very cool items to receive. And the Christmas box it was shipped in is adorable as well, even though it’s not even Halloween. Overall I’m contemplating buying another box from you if you ever sell any more. This was the first time I’ve bought a mystery anything from eBay and I’m so happy to have such a good experience with it. Thank you for such good service and the wonderful items!!

    1. I’m so happy you liked your items! I try to keep at least one mystery box listing up all the time, my seller id is barefootbookseller so you can look me up! Thanks again for your purchase!

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