About Calliope’s Closet

Two things I’ll go ahead and clear up for you:

  1.  There is no Calliope.  Well, there is, but she is not especially relevant to anything in my life right now.  Once upon a time, I thought I was going to be brave and open a bookstore.  Said bookstore was to be named after Calliope, the Muse of Epic Poetry in Greek Mythology.  (She has her own children’s book.) Said bookstore never came to be, what with kids to raise and bills to pay and whatnot.
  2. There is no Closet.  There IS, however, a big old bonus room over the garage filled with books and collectibles and crafty stuff and new-to-you clothing and all kinds of thrift store goodness and wonder.

After many years in the working world and a 3-year run at homeschooling (better late than never), we are finally empty nesters.  My sweet and talented husband is happily employed as a mechanical engineer and freelance contractor.  I recently left my glamorous job as a warehouse employee, and although I will miss the early mornings, traffic, 10 minute lunches, co-worker drama, more traffic and no life, I am looking forward to launching into what will be my forever career until I die:  shopping.  And resale, because I still like money.   Hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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