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A Review of My Online Walmart Grocery Experience

I doubt if there’s anyone that hates shopping at Walmart more than I do. Today, however, I picked up my first ever online grocery order from them, and I must say, it was pretty sweet. Never have I seen a lower price on eggs than Aldi at 49 cents a dozen, but I was able to get 36 eggs for $1.27 with the online order at Walmart. Our favorite ice cream – Halo Top – is $1.50 cheaper there than at Publix.

On the down side, they don’t carry all our brands, you can’t use coupons and the produce availability was a little limited (I couldn’t get a pint of blueberries). They also subbed two ice cream flavors that were out of stock for two different (but similar) flavors in the same brand, with the option to decline them for an adjusted total.

Still, the idea of getting Walmart’s low prices without having to set foot in their store ever again is very appealing.  You get a front and center parking spot, they bring the groceries out to your car and load it for you, and the staff member we worked with was very friendly and helpful.

Plus they gave us a little shopping tote with some freebies in it for trying it out! If you’ve been on the fence about this and wondered how it is…I definitely give a 9 out of 10 for convenience and price, and an 8 for selection. Here’s a link for a $10 off coupon code they gave me to share if you want to try it out…

Let me know what you think!

Removing Tarnish from Vintage Silverplate with Mothers

I learned a pretty neat trick for cleaning silverplate items, and I like sharing neat tricks, so here you go.  I picked up a few trays and random silverplated items at the thrift store that were pretty badly tarnished.  Since I’ve never personally owned any silverplate items, my go-to for figuring out how to handle that kind of thing is Pinterest,  I found a worthwhile looking solution where you take a tub, then line it with aluminum foil and fill it boiling water and a cup of baking soda.  Submerge your items for several minutes and there’s supposed to be some science hocus-pocus where magnetism pulls the tarnish off your item.  Um, no.  I tried three times (making the water hotter, adding more baking soda and fresh sheets of foil, wondering if science hates me) and nothing budged.

Magic eraser.  Nothing.

Barkeeper’s Friend.  Nothing.

As I’m using these things, I’m kind of worried about scratching the items, but I was not even permeating the layer of tarnish to get to what I didn’t want to scratch up.  This was some serious tarnish.

Then my adorable husband comes to the rescue with a product that is now in permanent residence on the “Favorite Things” list:

Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish

He keeps this in his garage to clean his aluminum wheels (he’s a car guy; ergo, the garage is “his”), but kindly let me try it out.  It worked like a charm!  Elbow grease was still necessary, but these pieces were pretty grimy.

Some before, during and after photos:

I just wiped on, scrubbed in circles with a throwaway shop rag (you won’t be washing and reusing it) and buffed it off.  So shiny!  And it didn’t appear to leave any more scratches than were already on there.  Big thanks to my sweetie for the tip!

Siggi’s is My New Favorite!

Where has this been all my life?  I’ve been eating yogurt for like…30 years, and I cannot fathom how I have overlooked a yogurt with an adorable name, zero fat, low sugar and the thickness of cake frosting!  Seriously, that’s my spoon standing upright in it. This is going on the permanent grocery list, for real.   Here’s a coupon if you want to try it too…enjoy!

UPDATE:  I just finished this and it has a tear tab on the paper label so you can remove it and recycle it separately from the plastic container…they’ve thought of everything, no?…and there is a little info on the inside on why it is so thick and amazing. 🙂