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Yard Sale and Thrift Store Picks of the Week!

Between the heat and the rain, there haven’t been many good yard sales, which means more thrift store shopping since more people will donate their items when they can’t (or don’t want to) have a sale.

Still, I have turned up a few pretty cool finds that have had a decent ROI.  When there are no community yard sales happening, I do a search for moving sales on Craigslist, because those people are pulling things out of the deepest, darkest corners of closets that no one has touched in years.  You know, where the good stuff is.

Here’s a yard sale haul from a week ago, most of which has already sold.

I snagged two pairs of Harley Davidson black leather motorcycle gloves and paid $5 for both.  The women’s gloves were practically new and sold for $26.99.  The men’s were a little more worn and sold for $22.99.  After shipping and fees, I made around $40 minus the $5 I paid.

I also found a stack of old 1970’s wooden puzzles and paid $10 for four of them.  Three were Fisher-Price and sold together for $26.99, one was a brand made in Holland and sold separately for $8.99.

These super cute Esprit wedges were $1 and sold for $12.99.

I also stopped by the Habitat Restore location that sells books by the bag for $2.  They must have just gotten a bunch in, because I picked up some really good ones in excellent condition.  You never know when that’s going to happen, so I try to go at least once a week.  Out of that bag, I sold four books for $3.99 each and three more for $2.99 each.  Not bad for a $2 investment.

Hopefully this weekend doesn’t get rained out and I will be back next week with another post of great finds!

Things People Leave in Books; Handmade Story Book, EKG Pad Backing, Turtle Postcard

I’m starting a new category today called “Things People Leave in Books.”  I usually buy a pretty good sized stack of books when I thrift or yard sale shop, and every time, there is something left in one or two that the previous owner used as a bookmark.  Sometimes it’s a napkin or a gum wrapper or whatever scrap of paper was within reach when they needed it.  Sometimes…it’s the funniest stuff.  And more often than not, the book they leave it in makes it even funnier.

This one is probably my favorite.  It’s a handmade booklet by a child about a king named “Knig Sam” who was always happy, but one day got “rilly sad” because “thay almost took away his keran”  Lol.  This was left in a book titled “Parenting Beyond Your Capacity”.  Make of that what you will.


This is the backing from an ECG electrode that was peeled off, with directions for use.  Where exactly are you when you have time to read a book and perform an electrocardiogram procedure?  Book title: Fooled by Randomness.


This is a postcard with a picture of a turtle wrapped in a bandage.  Turtle.  In a bandage.  The book is The Happiness Project.

That’s the best of “things people leave in books” for this week.  Feel free to comment with any unusual findings of your own!